Acceptance of offer

In forwarding this document to DHL with your email acceptance, via signed hard copy, or by shipping with DHL, you are confirming that you have accepted the terms of this offer to provide services as set out in this agreement. you are also confirming that you are an authorised signatory capable of accepting this offer on behalf of the customer. this offer by DHL and your acceptance is subject to DHL receiving a satisfactory credit check against the customer.

terms & termnination

This Service Agreement between DHL and the Customer (as specified on Summary Page) will commence on the first date of the month in which you have accepted the terms of the offer and shall continue for a period for one year or otherwise specified in the Rates. This Service Agreement may be terminated by either party upon one month prior written notice, or with immediate effect in the event of the other party’s insolvency, or if the other party commits a material breach which is either not capable of remedy or which that party fails to remedy within 14 days of receipt of written notice requesting the breach to be remedied.

our service commitment

Rates quoted are based on DHL’s standard Terms and Conditions of Carriage as found on http://www.dhl.com/en/express/shipping/shipping_advice/terms_conditions.html. DHL’s operating process does not include any non-standard or tailored services, such as dedicated transport, enhanced Customs services or on-site services. The Rates are valid for services during the hours of standard operation designated by DHL and shall exclude public holidays and weekends. Rates are calculated on the basis that shipment flows are from business address to business address.

Price agreement

Services not quoted

All services, surcharges, and rates for specific lanes or destinations not quoted in this Service Agreement, will be priced as per DHL’s standard rates as found on http://www.dhl.com.sa or which shall be made available upon request.

Basis of quotation

The Rates for transportation, services, and surcharges, as set out in this Service Agreement are based on a revenue qualifier agreed with the customer or otherwise specified in the Rates. In the event of a shortfall on the revenue qualifier (for all or for a specific product) or in the event of a substantial change in the volume, weight or destination mix, DHL reserves the right to revise the Rates at any time upon prior written notice to the Customer.

Volumetric divisor

Volumetric weight factors apply to DHL Rates. Shipments will be charged according to the higher of actual or volumetric (dimensional) weight per piece and any piece may be re-weighed and re-measured by DHL to confirm this calculation. DHL calculates volumetric weight (in Kilograms) by dividing the shipment volume (in Cubic Centimeters) by 5000 (or Length x Width x Height [(in cm)] / 5000). DHL reserves the right to modify this formula. Please refer to DHL Rates for exceptions/additional details on the Volumetric Divisor.

Partner companies

The Rates are only offered to contracting parties and cannot be extended to third parties. Majority-owned subsidiaries of the Customer and other parties can be added to the contract by mutual agreement.

Price components

Duties & Taxes

Rates are exclusive of value-added tax (VAT), sales taxes (or equivalent), customs duties, fines or interest thereon, and other government taxes imposed with respect to the provision of services, which shall be for Customer’s account.

Additional Charges
  • Optional Services and Surcharges
    Additional Charges related to Optional Services and Surcharges are billed in accordance with the standards in effect at the time the shipment booking was made. Additional Charges are paid in addition to applicable transportation charges and apply whenever the Optional Service is requested or the Surcharge is required. Details of Optional Services and Surcharges are set out in the Rates and as further described at http://www.dhl.com/en/express/optional_services.html.
  • Unforeseen Events
    a. Governmental and Regulatory Increases
    Any additional governmental or regulatory practices, procedures or regulations which result in increased costs to DHL e.g. those enforced by IATA, will be passed on proportionately to the Customer upon thirty days written notice.
    b. Emergency Situations
    DHL reserves the right to apply surcharges to recover costs associated with temporary emergency situations beyond DHL’s control which could not be reasonably anticipated at the commencement of this Agreement. All such surcharges will be temporary and will apply in addition to the Rates. The Customer will receive an eight days prior written notice of any emergency surcharge, describing the reasons for such surcharge.
Fuel Surcharge

A fuel surcharge will apply to the Rates, calculated in accordance with the methodology at http://www.dhl.com.sa/en/express/shipping/shipping_advice/express_fuel_surcharge.html unless otherwise specified in the Rates. DHL may from time to time elect to revise its fuel surcharge table.

Price review

General Price Increase

In general, DHL’s pricing is valid until December 31st of the year of the issue date of this offer. Unless otherwise specified in the Rates, the Rates are subject to adjustment in accordance with DHL’s annual change to its standard rates in each country, which occurs on January 1st of each year.


In the event that the currency of a country for which the Rates quoted devalues in excess of 5% against the Euro or US Dollar at exchange rates identified by DHL, DHL shall be entitled to immediately adjust the Rates applicable to the said country. Any such adjustment shall be commensurate with the rate of devaluation.

High inflation

In the event that the inflation rate of the country for which the Rates are quoted would exceed 5%, DHL shall be entitled to adjust the Rates upon 30 days
prior notice.

Notice period for changes

DHL Express will announce changes in Rates with a 30 days prior notice (except any emergency surcharge).

Invoicing and payment

Payment terms

Invoices may be issued weekly or monthly. Payment terms are 21 days net from date of invoice unless otherwise specified in the Rates. Duties and Taxes due on the shipment shall be paid by the Customer within 7 days/on a cash basis. In the event there is any query on an invoice, then only the disputed item on the invoice shall be held from payment and all other amounts owing and not disputed are to be paid on the due date. Queries on invoices must be reported to the DHL entity issuing the invoices within 7 days of invoice date. DHL prefers to put in place direct debit facilities to receive payments on the due date. If any sum is not paid by the due date, for reasons other than a good faith dispute, [DHL reserves the right to charge interest [of 2%] per month to the balance outstanding and overdue [and/or suspend the services]]. Customer is responsible for the payment of rates, charges and duties relating to any shipment carried under the Customer’s account numbers.


Online shipping tools

The Rates are based on Customer’s commitment to use the following DHL online shipping tools such as: DHL WebShipping, DHL Import Express Online, DHL Connect, DHL EasyShip, DHL eMailShip, DHL XML Services, and EDI (transmission of shipment data through electronic data interchange) (“eCom Tools”). The Customer shall not require the manual processing, recording, labeling or invoicing of shipments without the prior written consent of DHL. DHL invoices are not accompanied by a Proof of Delivery, which can be made available for an extra charge for a maximum period of 3 months after delivery.

Confidential Information

This Agreement and the rates are confidential. Neither party may disclose or publicize the existence or contents of this Agreement without the prior consent of the other party.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be construed, interpreted and governed under the laws of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Any dispute arising under or in any way connected with these terms and conditions, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Saudi Arabia.